About Us

We tell stories.

Grain to Grog takes you on a journey. We are eager to tour you around Melbourne’s suburbs to show off our city’s booming local craft beer and gin industry. We’re equally excited to share with you the fascinating stories and colourful characters who have shaped the city’s long love affair with booze. 

We have a laugh.

Our style is heavy on the non-heavy. We like to think of ourselves as a witty bunch and try to pack in as much fun as we can. Our guides balance one-liners and wisdom to deliver experiences that are light-hearted but not light-on knowledge. 

We know how.

The team behind Grain to Grog is also the team behind Freddy’s Bike Tours, Melbourne’s top rating bike tour and rental company. We’re experienced and proven when it comes to showing guests a good time in our city. And if there’s one thing we do better than riding a bike, it’s probably downing a glass at the local pub.

Cheers you soon.